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Car rental in Casablanca from 150 DH per day

Whether you’re getting off the plane at Mohammed V airport or in the heart of the city, renting a car at Casablanca airport means choosing the freedom of discovery. And with offers starting at just 150 DH per day, it would be a shame to miss out. Casablanca awaits you, and is ready to reveal all its secrets.

Choose a car rental from 150 DH per day

Rent a car at the airport

From the moment you arrive at Mohammed V airport, plunge into the heart of adventure by choosing from a wide range of vehicles available for rental.

Rent a car in the city

Explore Casablanca and the surrounding area by renting a car in the city center, close to major attractions.

Short-term car rental

For a quick getaway or a business meeting, opt for short-term car rental and make the most of every moment of your stay in Casablanca.

Long-term car rental

Discover Casablanca and the surrounding area at your own pace with a long-term car rental, ideal for extended stays or professional missions.

If there’s one city in Morocco that gracefully blends history, architecture and modernity, it’s undoubtedly Casablanca. With its rich cultural heritage and bustling avenues, exploring “Casa” and the rest of Morocco by car becomes an adventure in itself. For those who dream of this independence, car rental in Casablanca from as little as 150 DH per day is now a reality accessible to all.

Car rental in Casablanca: a ticket to freedom

When we think of Casablanca, the first image that comes to mind is probably that of the majestic Hassan II Mosque or the bustling boulevards. And with good reason: every corner of this city holds a treasure. To discover it, car rental is the best solution. With a variety of models ranging from small, economical city cars to comfortable SUVs, every traveler can find the vehicle to suit his or her needs. You’ll also find luxury cars for rent in Casablanca, at the airport or in neighboring towns.

From 150 Dirhams per day, adventure awaits you

The value for money offered by rental agencies in Casablanca is unprecedented. With offers starting at 150 DH per day, the experience of driving in the heart of this Moroccan metropolis becomes affordable. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to experience the authenticity of the city in complete freedom, whether in a 9-seater rental car or a car with an automatic gearbox.

Mohammed V airport and city center: two strategic points

Travelers landing at Casablanca’s Mohammed V International Airport benefit from a major advantage. Numerous car rental agencies have set up shop here, offering flexible schedules that are often synchronized with flight arrivals.

For those who prefer urban charm, downtown Casablanca is also full of agencies ready to provide the vehicle of your dreams.